tides whitstable

tides whitstable

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I was in the mood for a white chocolate mousse cake with a flake of chocolate and a layer of whipped cream. I just had to have it! And the best part is, I didn’t have to be anywhere near the city to get it. Just a few miles away, I was in a pretty nice neighborhood. I had plenty of time to cook and eat.

I have to admit, I was a bit confused about why you would come all the way to Whitstable to get a cake from me. I mean you could have just asked me down to the station, or just come back to my place. It seemed like a bit of a weird invitation.

It was a bit of a weird invitation. To be perfectly honest, I had the perfect response to that question for you. It was a bit of a weird invitation because I’d love to tell you that it was the perfect response to the question. The truth is, I don’t answer such questions often.

I’m always excited when a cake comes in. I like a lot of things on a cake, and this particular cake had a lot of it. It was an amazing cake, and I had to resist the temptation to take a picture of it.

Thats why I’m talking about this cake right now. A few months ago, a cake that I was at a friend’s house made an appearance here on Tide.com. This cake was a white cake, and it had a lot of icing drizzled over it. The icing on the cake was yellow, and had a white frosting on it. The frosting on the cake was orange, and had a white frosting on it.

The cake had a lot of icing, and the frosting on it was orange, but the orange frosting was just a bit on the “orange” side. This is because the cake wasn’t baked for the exact same time as the frosting on the cake. The cake wasn’t baked for about 10 hours, and the frosting was baked for about another hour. The orange frosting on the cake was just a bit more yellow than the white frosting on the cake.

I know, we are going to run out of cake. But it is the perfect example of why you should always be aware of your own baking process. Even if your cake was baked for exactly the same time as the cake on your cake, it could still have a bit of time to go until it is perfect before the cake is ready. Same with frosting.

Even though I am an idiot, I really like that it’s still a cake. It’s just not the first time that I’ve seen someone on a cake break.

The same happens when I’m making frosting! I am usually a “no-bake” kind of guy, but this is just one of the things I will put in a cake. I’m usually a bit nervous of frosting because I’ve heard of chocolate frosting being the most dangerous, but this is a clear example of that.

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