sussex accommodation

sussex accommodation

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My friends and I are having some problems with our local authority. We are a small minority of people in the area, but we are still having our issues with their accommodation policies. We live in a house that is a three bedroom plus a den/kitchen/office/dining room. The house is a two-storey but it is currently in need of a bit of TLC. My friend is having issues with the heating and the lack of parking.

We’ve been staying over at the same place for the last few weeks and my friend and I have been having some problems with our heating. He keeps saying that the heating is “too cold” and it’s also always “too hot”. We have tried to get the heating fixed but it’s been a bit of a nightmare. Our friends have been staying here for a month now and they have been having the same problems with the heating and lack of parking.

And some of them have been having issues with the heating too. It’s been raining and we have to run the temperature down for the last couple of days. We have been having to drive around in our car and get our car started and get the heater up. We have also had to drive around a bit too in order to get our car started. We are not sure if we will get the heater up again. We have tried to get it up again but it isn’t working.

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