Esports Betting: Everything you need to know

Esports Betting: Everything you need to know

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At play, we have the best sports betting offer. Would you like to know more? 

We are facing one of the most relevant markets on the scene: League of Legends, DOTA, Counter-Strike, and Valor ant, among others. 

In addition, you can find the best online betting tournaments and sporting events so that you can begin to immerse yourself in this world.  

Features of sports betting 

Placing your first bet is very simple, you will realize that it is the same as with all traditional sports.  

We invite you to enter and go to the “sports” tab to browse all the sporting events and tournament leagues. If you are thinking of placing a bet on the site, you need to register first and create a user.

You will have the best strategies, the best forecasts, and the best markets available.  

lol betting 

League of Legends is the most played esports in the world. For about a year we have had matches from the different competitions organized by Riot Games.  

CSGO betting 

It is one of the most important esports in the market. Counter Strike Global Offensive is still in force even after 20 years in the industry. It is one of the most chosen and most attractive tactical shooters in esports betting. 

Valorant Bets 

It is the new bet of Riot Games. The release of Valorant came to take its place in the tactical shooter industry. It is the great rival of CSGO and it is growing in a big ecosystem, which is based on different tournaments instead of conventional leagues. 

DOTA 2 betting 

It is one of the largest esports in LATAM. Bookmakers also have DOTA 2 as a market to keep an eye on. During specific periods of the year, this game adds two new stand-alone themed scenarios to the regular game.

bplay, fun at your fingertips

bplay is a gaming and sports betting platform that offers, those over 18 years of age, who meet the regulatory requirements, a huge catalog of games to enjoy wherever and whenever they want. bplay, fun at your fingertips.

bplay offers you the full experience of a physical casino in a much more fun way. On our platform, you will find a large number of casino games such as slots, table games, live roulette, and even video bingo.

In the slots section, you will find hundreds of games from the best providers on the market, as well as live casino games where you will be in front of a real flesh and blood dealer with whom you can talk and chat at all times while winning hundreds of prizes on one of the wheels. Playing on bplay is easy, fun, and safe.

We assume a strong commitment to our clients. For this reason, we offer services that are characterized by their high quality and strict standards of transparency, since we have important licenses, such as the Lottery of the Province of Buenos Aires, the Lottery of Santa Fe, the Lottery of the City of Buenos Aires and National Games of Chance Commission (CONAJZAR).

bplay, safe and reliable game

We bet on informed and rational participation by our users so that everyone can enjoy games of chance in a healthy and fun way. In addition, we comply with the strict regulations of the regulators and responsible gaming, for this reason, we have a series of tools, in coordination with the current legal regulations, which are available to gamblers and seek to avoid the development of a problematic relationship. With the game.

Our site is a sports betting and gambling platform that offers, to those over 18 years of age, who meet the regulatory requirements, a huge catalog of games to enjoy wherever and whenever they want.

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